4 Big Myths and Truths about Oxygen Use




Many patients with respiratory conditions like COPD and cystic fibrosis are prescribed with oxygen therapy. However, a number of patients, family members and even friends have misconceptions about oxygen therapy. Here are some of the most common myths about oxygen use, as well as the truths behind them.


Myth # 1: Being on oxygen means I have to stay home and can’t be active


Truth: Actually, being on oxygen helps you lead a more active lifestyle! If you follow the correct dose of oxygen prescribed by your doctor, you’ll notice marked improvements in your energy levels.


Getting enough oxygen will allow your body tissues and organs to function better. You’ll notice that you’ll have less shortness of breath, less tightness in your chest, and less fatigue. Without these symptoms holding you back, you’ll be better able to tolerate physical activity and do the things you need to do. This means that you’ll be more active and can enjoy life better, even with a lung condition!


Myth # 2: Oxygen is addictive


Truth: With respiratory conditions like COPD, the lungs cannot meet your body’s need for oxygen. With this, less oxygen gets to your body cells and tissues. By getting supplemental oxygen, you give your body the oxygen that it needs.


The notion that oxygen is addictive the more you use it is false. Using oxygen regularly at the amount and length of time your doctor prescribed it does not increase your need for it. Addiction, which happens with drugs like narcotics, is characterized by symptoms like craving, compulsive use and the need for continued use. This isn’t the case with oxygen, because using it does not make you “hooked” on it.


Although stopping your use of oxygen can make you feel fatigued or breathless again, this doesn’t mean that you’re addicted to it. It’s simply because your body can’t get enough oxygen from the air around you, and thus needs the oxygen from your concentrator.


Myth # 3: Oxygen concentrators are clunky and embarrassing, and they’ll have you stuck at home.


Truth: Not really! Lucky for you, you can leave the big and clunky concentrators behind with the convenience of portable oxygen concentrators! LoveGo’s oxygen concentrators are lightweight and easy to transport, allowing you a more active lifestyle. With varying features and flow rates to choose from, our oxygen concentrators give you more freedom and convenience. Whether it’s going on errands or taking a trip, a good tip is to choose a portable oxygen concentrator that will suit your oxygen needs.


Myth #4: Oxygen means the end is near.


Truth: This one is actually a big, fat NO. Oxygen therapy will actually help you live a longer, fuller life. Many people on oxygen get to enjoy better, more normal lives and have more energy to do the things that matter to them. Home oxygen concentrators allow you to get the oxygen you need while going about your daily routines. Additionally, portable concentrators are lightweight and easy to transport, allowing you to leave the house and be mobile while still providing the oxygen you need. So really, being on oxygen just means that you have the option to live life more fully! So long as you follow your doctor’s orders and use the oxygen regularly and correctly, you’ll have a better quality of life!


So whenever you hear any of these four oxygen therapy myths from a family member or friend (or even from your own doubts), you now know the truth.


Have you heard of any other about oxygen therapy? Share them in the comments below and let’s debunk them one by one!