How Much You Known About Home Oxy-Therapy


Oxygen therapy is often used in hospitals to treat people with heart and lung problems. However, it can be used safely at home to treat these conditions, and to Improve Quality of Life.

The aim of Oxygen therapy is to increase low levels of oxygen in the blood, relax blood vessels in the lungs, and to avoid the long term problems that chronic low oxygen levels can cause.

We all need Oxygen to Live. It passes from our lungs into our blood stream, where it is carried to our organs and tissues.

If you  have a chronic Respiratory condition, your Doctor or Specialist may prescribe Oxygen at home.

It isIMPORTANT TOfollow this prescription.

People who may need oxygen at home include those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD) such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, Heart Failure, Severe Angina, life threatening asthma and Lung Cancer.

Oxygen at home has been proven to improve well being, quality of life and longevity of people with COPD.

You will obtain maximum benefit from your oxygen therapy by following the usage your Doctor has recommended.  

In terms of usage, normally your recommendation would be one of the following…

●  Continuous 24hrs per day oxygen

●  At least 16 hours per day

●  Supplemental oxygen needed during sleep periods

●  Supplemental oxygen needed during exercise or activity.

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