Devices For Oxygen Therapy


To carry out the oxygen therapy, there are mainly three kinds of the oxygen devices to choose.

The first one is Compressed oxygen cylinder, this type of oxygen is stored under pressure in steel or aluminum canisters and must be purchased from a supplier. Many hospitals use the steel type. The cylinder shall be connected to the oxygen delivery devices, then can play the role.The advantages of the device are low price, easy to get and no waste or loss. But it is heavy, with small oxygen storage and need to be repeatedly filling.In the market, there are models like 2L, 3L, 4L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 15L, 40L ect. The storage is calculated under 130 ATM(standard atmospheric pressure), 2L=260L oxygen ,3L= 390L oxygen,… 40L = 5200 L oxygen.

The second one is Liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is stored at a very cold temperature( around -166.7℃);it becomes a gas when released from the container. Like compressed gas, liquid oxygen must be purchased and stored in canisters and may include an oxygen-conserving device.0.028m³liquid oxygen = 24.35 m³gaseous oxygen. The type device can store the liquid oxygen from 18.16~45.4kg, in normal working pressure,0.45kg liquid oxygen equals to 344L gaseous oxygen, that’s to say, one liquid oxygen can store 13760~34400L gaseous oxygen.Usually, the general portable liquid oxygen cylinder is about 4kg. The advantages of the device are low pressure, high oxygen storage,light and easy to refill, it is suitable for long term rehabilitation.But its cost is expensive, easy to be wasted and leakage.When the patient needs to use more than 10 compress oxygen cylinder, suggest to apply this type.

The third one is oxygen concentrators or enrichers.This device uses the electricity and eliminates the N2,CO2 in the air, and then provide higher purity oxygen to the users. There are two kinds at present, one is molecular sieve concentrator which is based on the PSA( Pressure Swing Adsorption), Like the lovego portable oxygen concentrator, Simplygo POC;the other is membrane concentrator, which is based on the different through rate of various gas. The advantages of the devices are no need  to store oxygen and with low cost, more convenient for home LTOT. Of course, the price to buy isa little expensive, with nosie and not easy to move for the stationary type.If you want to go outside, there are many portable types for choosing too.

While choosing the device, we shall take the factors like economic condition/ safty/ product reliability ect into consideration and make a rational choice. Now the oxygen concentrator is more and more hot and acceptable by users.


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