Oxygen Therapy & Chinses Medicine

Chinese Traditional medicine believes that COPD belongs to the lung-distension. Mainly derives from the harmful to air passage, due to the damage of collaterals in lung, Lung smoke burning by poison gas and dust ect. The lung is burned by the smoke makes lung qi obstruction, lose Channel capacity, Airway Obstruction, stagnation of qi activity ,thus leads to the cough.

Its common inducements are wind and cold. The main pathogenesis of the disease is the wind - cold attack. In clinical, it can appear as Purple, edema, loss of consciousness, cough and sputum, shortness of breath, breathlessness ect. During the acute exacerbation period it can be associated with type 11 exhalation. The pathological factors are mainly the combined action by blood fatigue, retained fluid and phlegm. The symptoms like Lung deficiency, Pathogenic Factors, Phlegm fatigue resistance, lead to the Lung qi kui sluggish, pathogenic factors kui lung, retention in chest, making Lung inflatable full. Generally speaking, COPD is the result of accumulation gradually, its course of disease stretches, and it can be recurrent attacks, also it is hard to be cured.

According to the maternal and child relationship between Spleen and Lung, we know lung governs Qi and the spleen is the source of Qi. So whether the spleen is strong or week, it decides the rise and fall of Lung Qi. The Lung Qi deficiency is mostly because of the weakness of the spleen and the stomach.

Promordial Qi roots in the kidney, it is mothered by congenital essence and nourished by acquired essence. So the tonifying spleen can help the kidney to absorb the Qi. The fatigue of respiratory muscle mainly due to the phrenic muscle is weak and weak as well as its “caving”

The spleen is the root of acquired constitution and spleen governing muscles, lung governing management and regulation. So If the spleen is strong, it will transfer the essence of the grain to all over the body. If the spleen is strong, the muscles are powerful. If the spleen is weak, it can’t transport enough nutriment to our body, thus leads to the deficiency of Qi and Yin, the dystrophy of the muscles and the emaciation, disorder of nutriment. Thus causing the fatigue of respiratory muscle. Also, if the spleen is weak, it will cause phlegm stagnation and blood stasis, that’s why the patients has die blausucht.

According to Chinese Traditional medicine , the therapeutic Principle to treat COPD shall be guided by reinforcing earth to generate metal, and be treated with the strengthening of the spleen, invigorating the spleen to benefit the lung and warm the kidney. Also dissipating phlegm to activate blood.

There are many other Chinese herbal medicines which are good to the patients. To those decoctions, ginseng can reinforce vital energy. Pharmacological research confirms that the total saponins in ginseng can improve the contractile force of diaphragm;The Astragalus can invigorating spleen and replenishing Qi, the Chinese Taxillus Twig can help the astraglus to tonifying Qi; Radix Bupleuri can ascending up spleen-qi and yang, well Improve the subside of the respiratory muscle; 

The pericarpium citri reticulatae can regulating qi-flowing for eliminating phlegm;The Chinese yam can invigorating the spleen to benefit the lung;The Atractylodes and   poria can invigorating the spleen to prevent the source of phlegm.The Ligusticum wallichii can promote Qi to activate blood, the Ligustrazine has a calcium channel blocking effect, so it can suppressor cell Ca2+ + internal flow, which will be helpful to improve the functions of diaphragm muscle.

Combined therapy of chinese medicine with Normative rehabilitation training and nursing, it can Increase the patient's appetite, improve the digestibility, Improving nutritional disorders, Effective Relief respiratory muscle fatigue, Improved pulmonary ventilation, improve the life quality of the patients and slow down the progressive lung function, Meanwhile, the traditional Chinese medicine therapy is easier, economy, with less side effect. the patients compliance is good. There are many advantages and even better than the western medicine