The First Killer To Elders-Lung Infection



Nowadays, the higher attention that most elders pay to are the Cardiovascular and Tumour, neglecting the Lung often. Actually, Lung is the internal organs that contact the outside world directly. The refered disease as well as the chronic disease may induce the lung infection, and with high mortality rate.

The Lung infection has been the first killer to elders. It ranks third for the cause of death. Especially, When the elders have COPD, it will be much easier for them to get it like bronchitis andpneumonia(The most common infections of the lungs). Also, it will be quite serious as it can lead to COPD exacerbation that may result in hospitalization and death.

If having the symptoms like Fever, Increased Shortness of Breath, Productive Cough, Changes in Mucus and Pleuritic Chest Pain, it should alert you to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

For elders, taking more and proper exercise is a very necessary way to prevent lung infection, as it will help to cough and sputum excretion.